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Number 11 December 2014

Call for papers for the special issue dedicated to the history of architectural historiography June 2016


Patricia Blessing (Stanford), ‘Friedrich Sarre and the discovery of Seljuk Anatolia’ 11/PB1

Laura Breen (University of Westminster), ‘Redefining ceramics through exhibitionary practice (1970-2009)’11/LB1

Keith Broadfoot (Sydney), ‘The blot on the landscape: Fred Williams and Australian art history’ 11/KB1

Eva Fotiadi (Free University Berlin/Dahlem Research School and Princeton), ‘The canon of the author. On individual and shared authorship in exhibition curating’ 11/EF1

Kerry Heckenberg (Queensland), ‘Retrieving an archive: Brook Andrew and William Blandowski’s Australien in 142 Photographischen Abbildungen11/KH1

Seth Adam Hindin (Oxford), ‘How the west was won: Charles Muskavitch, James Roth, and the arrival of ‘scientific’ art conservation in the western United States’  11/SAH1

Ladislav Kesner (Masaryk University Brno), ‘The Warburg/Arnheim effect: Linking cultural/social and perceptual psychology of art’ 11/LK1

Gregor Langfeld (Amsterdam), ‘How the Museum of Modern Art in New York canonised German Expressionism’ 11/GL1

Jennifer Lee (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis), ‘Medieval pilgrims’ badges in rivers: the curious history of a non-theory’ 11/JL1

Stefan Muthesius (University of East Anglia), ‘Meaningful, entertaining, popular and ‘Bavarian’: art into design in nineteenth century Munich’ 11/SM1

Emilie Oléron Evans (Queen Mary College London and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III), ‘Transposing the Zeitgeist? Nikolaus Pevsner between Kunstgeschichte and Art History’ 11/EOE1

Matthew C Potter (Northumbria University), ‘Breaking the shell of the humanist egg: Kenneth Clark’s University of London lectures on German art historians11/MCP1

Luke Uglow (Aberdeen), ‘Giovanni Morelli and his friend Giorgione: connoisseurship, science and irony’ 11/LU1

Fine and decorative arts

Christina M. Anderson (Ashmolean Museum & Oxford) & Catherine L. Futter (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art), ‘The decorative arts within art historical discourse: where is the dialogue now and where is it heading?’ 11/CMCL1

Erin J. Campbell (University of Victoria, Canada), ‘Listening to objects: an ecological approach to the decorative arts’ 11/EJC1

Deborah L. Krohn (Bard Graduate Center), ‘Beyond terminology, or, the limits of “decorative arts”’ 11/DLK1

In honour of Linda Seidel

Andrée Hayum (Fordham), ‘The 1902 exhibition, Les Primitifs flamands: scholarly fallout and art historical reflections’ 11/AH1

Christine B. Verzar (Ohio State), ‘After Burckhardt and Wölfflin; was there a Basel School of Art History?’ 11/CBV1

Madeline H. Caviness (Tufts), ‘Seeking modernity through the Romanesque: G. G. King and E. H. Lowber behind a camera in Spain c. 1910-25’ 11/MHC1

Inventories and catalogues: Material and Narrative Histories

Guest edited by Francesco Freddolini (Luther College, University of Regina) and Anne Helmreich (Getty Foundation)


Francesco Freddolini (Luther College, University of Regina) and Anne Helmreich (Getty Foundation), ‘Inventories, catalogues and art historiography: exploring lists against the grain’ 11/FFAH1

New Approaches to Inventories and Catalogues

Jeffrey Moser (McGill), ‘Why cauldrons come first: taxonomic transparency in the earliest Chinese antiquarian catalogues’ 11/JM1

Joseph Salvatore Ackley (Columbia), ‘Re-approaching the Western medieval church treasury inventory, c. 800-1250’ 11/JSA1

Allison Stielau (Yale), ‘The weight of plate in early modern inventories and secularization lists’ 11/AS1

Anne Helmreich (Getty Foundation), Tim Hitchcock (Sussex), William J. Turkel (Western University in Canada), ‘Rethinking inventories in the digital age:  the case of the Old Bailey’ 11/HHT1

Reframing Evidence

Francesco Freddolini (Luther College, University of Regina), ‘The Grand Dukes and their inventories: administering possessions and defining value at the Medici court’ 11/FF1

Amy Buono (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), ‘Interpretative ingredients: formulating art and natural history in early modern Brazil’ 11/AB1

Elizabeth Pergam (Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York), ‘Selling pictures: the illustrated auction catalogue’ 11/EP1

Gottfried Semper and the discipline of architectural history

Sonja Hildebrand (Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera italiana), ‘Concepts of creation: historiography and design in Gottfried Semper’ 11/SH1

Elena Chestnova (Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera italiana), ‘”Ornamental design is… a kind of practical science”: Ornamental theories at the London School of Design and Department of Practical Art’  11/EC1

Claudio Leoni (University College London), ‘Art, production and market conditions: Gottfried Semper’s historical perspective on commodities and the role of museums’ 11/CL1

Dieter Weidmann (ETH and Mendrisio), ‘Through the stable door to Prince Albert? On Gottfried Semper’s London connections’ 11/DW1


Karl Johns (Klosterneuburg), ‘The originality of Kaschnitz’: Guido Kaschnitz Weinberg, ‘The problem of originality in Roman art’ [Guido Kaschnitz von Weinberg, Das Schöpferische in der römischen Kunst, Römische Kunst, vol. 1, chapter 4, Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1961, 51-73] 11/KJ1

Karl Johns (Klosterneuburg), ‘Riegl and “objective aesthetics”’: Alois Riegl, ‘Objective aesthetics’ [‘Objective Ästhetik,’ Neue Freie Presse, No. 13608, Morning Edition, Sunday, July 13, 1902, ‘Literatur-Blatt,’ 34-35] 11/KJ2

Nóra Veszprémi (Eötvös Loránd University), ‘Lajos Fülep: The task of Hungarian art history (1951)’ [Lajos Fülep, ‘A magyar művészettörténelem föladata (1951),’ in Ernő Marosi ed., A magyar művészettörténet-írás programjai [Programmes of Hungarian art history writing], Budapest: Corvina, 1999, 283–305, edited by Árpád Tímár] 11/NV1

Ester Alba Pagán (Valencia), ‘Juan Alberto Kurz Muñoz and his academic contribution to the study of the history of Russian art’ [Juan Alberto Kurz Muñoz y su aportación a la historiografía del arte ruso. In: Ars longa: cuadernos de arte, 2010, No. 19: 29-38. 11/EAP1


Charles W. Haxthausen (Williams College), ‘Beyond “the two art histories”’ [‘Beyond “the Two Art Histories”?’ in Museum’s Utilization and its Future, Annual Report of Institute of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 2006, 48-54 (Japanese) and 71-77 (English).] 11/CWH1

Wilfried van Damme (Leiden and Tilburg), ‘Cultural encounters: Western scholarship and Fang statuary from Equatorial Africa’ [Inaugural address, delivered on the acceptance of an extraordinary professorship at Tilburg University, Netherlands, in 2011] 11/WvD1

Christopher S. Wood (New York University), ‘Aby Warburg, Homo victor’ [A translation (back into English, and with some revisions) of the article that appeared in French: ‘Aby Warburg, Homo victor’, in Cahiers du Musée national d’art moderne 118, 2011/12, 81-101] 11/CW1


Lauren Dudley (Birmingham), ‘A Timeless Grammar of Iconoclasm?’: Kristine Kolrud and Marina Prusac (eds), Iconoclasm From Antiquity to Modernity, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014, 248 pp., 29 b&w illustrations, £60.00 hardback, ISBN 978-1-4094-7033-5 11/LD1

Emily Gephart (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), ‘Historical narratives and historical desires: re-evaluating American art criticism of the mid-nineteenth century’: Karen Georgi, Critical Shift: Rereading Jarves, Cook, Stillman, and the Narratives of Nineteenth-Century American Art, The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2013, 152 pp., 8 black and white illustrations. $74.95 hardback, ISBN-10: 0271060662 ISBN-13 978-0-271-06066-8 11/EG1

Romy Golan (CUNY), ‘Towards a Latin Europe’: Vers une Europe Latine: Acteurs et enjeux des échanges culturels entre la France et l’Italie fasciste, Catherine Fraixe, Lucia Piccioni and Christophe Poupault, eds., Brussels: P.I.E. Lang, 2014, 330 pp., €42.80, ISBN-10: 2875740474 ISBN-13: 978-2875740472 11/RG1

Byron Hamann (Ohio State), ‘A Tesoro de la Lengua Castellana o Español Version 2.0’: Lexikon of the Hispanic Baroque: Transatlantic Exchange and Transformation, edited by Evonne Levy and Kenneth Mills, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013, 552 pp., 91 b. & w. illus., £49.00 hdbk, ISBN 9780292753099 11/BH1

Karl Johns (Klosterneuburg), ‘A monumental step for Riegl and Schlosser in France’: Alois Riegl, Christopher S. Wood, Emmanuel Alloa, L’industrie d’art romaine tardive, trans. Marielène Weber, Sophie Yersin Legrand, Paris: Éditions Macula 2014, 476 pp., 23 col. plates, 126 ill. b/w, 44.00 €, ISBN 978-2-86589-075-0, ISSN 1159-4632  and Julius von Schlosser, Patricia Falguières, Les Cabinets d’art et de merveilles de la Renaissance tardive: Une contribution à l’histoire du collectionnisme, Paris: Éditions Macula 2012, 372 pp., 115 ill. b/w, 31.00 €, ISBN 978-2-86589-073-6, ISSN 1159-4632 11/KJ3

Medina Lasansky (Cornell), ‘The 19th-century construction of the Renaissance’: Katherine Wheeler, Victorian Perceptions of Renaissance Architecture, Farnham England and Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2014, 194 pp., 19 b. & w. illus., £60.00/$104.95, hdbk, ISBN 978-1472418821 11/DML1

Elizabeth L’Estrange (Birmingham), ‘From minor to major: the minor arts in medieval art history’: From Minor to Major: The Minor Arts in Medieval Art History, edited by Colum Hourihane, Princeton: Index of Christian Art, 2012, 336pp., 257 col. plates, 42 b. & w. illus., $35.00, pbk ISBN 978-0-9837537-1-1 11/ELE1

Michele Matteini (New York University), ‘China: the empire of things’: Jason Steuber and Nick Pearce, Original Intentions: Essays on the Production, Reproduction, and Interpretation in the Arts of China, Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press 2012, 302 pp., £48.95, ISBN: 9780813039725 11/MM1

Branko Mitrović (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), ‘The Vienna school and Central European art history’: Jan Bakoš, Discourses and strategies: the role of the Vienna School in shaping central European approaches to art history ‡ related discourses, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013, 227 pp., (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Series of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, 5), £40.00, ISBN-10: 3631644523 ISBN-13: 978-3631644522 11/BM1

Partha Mitter  (Oxford), ‘The prehistory of Asian collections in Paris’: Ting Chang, Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris, Aldershot: Ashgate 2013, 210 pp., £60.00, ISBN-10: 409437760, ISBN-13: 978-1409437765  11/PM1

Jennifer Montagu (Warburg Institute), ‘Working from home: the life and art of Giovanni Baratta’: Francesco Freddolini, Giovanni Baratta 1670-1747. Scultura e industria del marmo tra la Toscana e le corti d’Europa, LermArte documenti 10, Rome: “L’Erma” di Bretschneider, 2013, 358 pp., 291 b&w ill., hbk, £172.40, ISBN 978-88-8265-925- 7 11/JenM1

Eric Moormann (Radboud Universiteit), ‘Antiquity in Weimar’: Martin Dönike, Altertumskundliches Wissen in Weimar. Transformationen der Antike, Bd 25. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2013. vi, 515 p., $112.00, ISBN 9783110313826 11/EM1

Margaret Olin (Yale), ‘Scholarship and Empire’: Matthew Rampley, The Vienna School of Art History: Empire and the Politics of Scholarship, 1847-1918, University Park: Penn State Press, 2013, 296 pp., $89.95 hdbk, ISBN 9780271061580 11/MO1

Carole Paul (UCSB), ‘Authenticity on display’: Can Bilsel, Antiquity on Display: Regimes of the Authentic in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, 304 pp., 8 col. plates, 99 b & w illus., £74.00 hdbk, ISBN 9780199570553 11/CP1

Matthew C Potter (University of Northumbria), ‘Looking for Civilisation, Discovering Clark’: ‘Kenneth Clark – Looking for Civilisation’, An Exhibition at Tate Britain,  20 May – 10 August 2014 11/MCP2

Matthew Rampley (Birmingham), ‘The Persistence of Nationalism’: Michela Passini, La fabrique de l’art national: Le nationalisme et les origins de l’histoire de l’art en France et en Allemagne 1870-1933. Paris, Maisons des sciences de l’homme, 2012, €48.00, xx + 333 pp., ISBN-10: 2735114392 ISBN-13: 978-2735114399 11/MR1

Henry Tantaleán (UCLA), ‘The collected past’: Stefanie Gänger, Relics of the Past. The Collecting and Study of Pre-Columbian Antiquities in Peru and Chile, 1837-1911, Oxford University Press., Oxford 2014. 311 pp. + 20 ill., £65, ISBN-10: 0199687692, ISBN-13: 978-0199687695 11/HT1

Book received

Gottfried Semper, Gesammelte Schriften, 1878-1884, 4 volumes in 5 volumes. With an introduction edited by Henrik Karge.  Reprint: Hildesheim 2008-2014. Cloth. Link

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