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Number 13 December 2015


Meghan Bissonnette (Valdosta State University), ‘From “The New Sculpture” to Garden Statuary: the suppression of Abstract Expressionist sculpture’ 13/MB1

Rebecca Darley (Birkbeck, University of London) and Daniel Reynolds (Birmingham), “Exhibiting coins as economic artefacts: Curating historical interpretation in Faith and Fortune: visualizing the divine on Byzantine and early Islamic coinage (Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, November 2013-January 2015)’ 13/DR1

Catherine De Lorenzo (University of New South Wales and Monash University, Australia), ‘The hang and art history’ 13/CL1

Melissa Eppihimer (Pittsburgh), ‘Caylus, Winckelmann, and the art of “Persian” gems’ 13/ME1

Michael Falser (Heidelberg), ‘The Graeco-Buddhist style of Gandhara – a “Storia ideologica”, or: how a discourse makes a global history of art’ 13/MF1

Roberto C. Ferrari (Columbia), ‘John Gibson, designer: sculpture and reproductive media in the nineteenth century’ 13/RCF1

Luba Freedman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), ‘Bartolomeo Maranta’s “Discourse” on Titian’s Annunciation in Naples: introduction’ 13/LF1

Giovanni Gasbarri (Sapienza University of Rome), ‘Antonio Muñoz (1884-1960) and the history of Byzantine illumination: a new field of research in Italy under the aegis of Adolfo Venturi’ 13/GG1

Valentina Locatelli (Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland), ‘Italian Painters, Critical Studies of their Works: the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden. An overview of Giovanni Morelli’s attributions’ 13/VL1

Julia Orell (Academia Sinica, Taipei), ‘Early East Asian art history in Vienna and its trajectories: Josef Strzygowski, Karl With, Alfred Salmony’ 13/JO1

Jakub Stejskal (Free University Berlin), ‘Art-matrix theory and cognitive distance: Farago, Preziosi, and Gell on art and enchantment’ 13/JS1

Eleonora Vratskidou (Technische Universität Berlin), ‘Art history at the art school: Revisiting the institutional origins of the discipline based on the case of nineteenth-century Greece’ 13/EV1

Jindřich Vybíral (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), ‘Birnbaum‘s “Baroque Principle” and the Czech reception of Heinrich Wölfflin’ 13/JV1


‘Maria Hirsch in the Kunstwissenschaftliche Forschungen’. Introduced, edited and translated by Karl Johns (Independent) 13/KJ1

Dimitrios Latsis (Internet Archive, San Francisco), ‘The afterlife of antiquity and modern art: Aby Warburg on Manet’ 13/DL1

Viviana Tonon (Independent), ‘Bartolomeo Maranta’s “Discourse” on Titian’s Annunciation in Naples: translation’ 13/VT1

Xiongbo Shi (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), ‘Zhang Yinlin: A Preface to Chinese Calligraphy Criticism (1931)’. A translation with an introduction by the translator. 13/XS1


Jan Bakos (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava), ‘Otto Pächt and Albert Kutal: Methodological Parallels’, an article first published in Umeni 2014, No.5. Republished by courtesy of the author and editor of the journal. 13/JB


Jenny Anger (Grinnell College Iowa), ‘Grappling with the grotesque’: Frances S. Connelly, The Grotesque in Western Art and Culture: The Image at Play, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, 190 pp., 62 b & w illus., £64.99 hdbk, ISBN 9781107011250 13/JA1

Basile Baudez (Université Paris-Sorbonne), ‘Architectural theory in Eastern Europe during the Enlightenment’: Ignacy Potocki, Remarks on Architecture. The Vitruvian Tradition in Enlightenment Poland, Carolyn C. Guile ed. and transl., University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2015, 155 p. 13/BB1

Sibel Bozdogan (Harvard), ‘Orientalist Orientals: re-conceptualizing Ottoman architecture in the late Empire’: Ahmet Ersoy, Architecture and the Late Ottoman Historical Imaginary: Reconfiguring the Architectural Past in a Modernizing Empire, Burlington VT: Ashgate, 2015, 313 pp. includes bibliographical references and index; 72 b & w illus., $112.46 hdbk,ISBN: 978-1-4724-3139-4 13/SB1

Elizabeth den Hartog (Leiden), ‘Making medieval art modern’: Janet T. Marquardt, Zodiaque. Making Medieval Art Modern 1951-2001, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press 2015, 202 pp. and 86 illustrations (70 b&w and 16 colour), Hardcover edition $74.95, ISBN 978-0-271-06506-9 13/EdH1

Jae Emerling (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), ‘To render time sensible: transmissibility’: Keith Moxey, Visual Time: The Image in History, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2013, 207 pp., 8 col. plates, 21 b. & w. illus., $89.85 hdbk, $24.95 pbk, Hardback ISBN 978-0-8223-5354-6, Paperback ISBN 978-0-8223-5369-0 13/JE1

Émilie Oléron Evans (Strasbourg), ‘The voice of art history: Nikolaus Pevsner’s work for the BBC’: Pevsner: The Complete Broadcast Talks. Architecture and Art on Radio and Television, 1945– 1977, by Nikolaus Pevsner, edited by Stephen Games, London: Ashgate Press, 2014, 578 pp., 1 b & w ill., £90 hdbk, ISBN: 9781409461975.
Pevsner: The BBC Years. Listening to the Visual Arts, by Stephen Games, London: Ashgate Press, 2015, 412pp., 6 b & w ill., £85, ISBN: 9781472407672. 13/EOE1

Claire Farago (University of Colorado Boulder), ‘The absolute Leonardo’: The Lives of Leonardo, ed. Thomas Frangenberg and Rodney Palmer, Warburg Institute Colloquia, ed. Charles Burnett and Jill Kraye, London: The Warburg Institute and Turin: Nino Aragno Editore, 2013. 266 pp. + b&w illustrations. £50.00. ISBN 978-1-908590-044-2 13/CF1

Katherine Hauser (Skidmore College), ‘The poster as modernist progenitor’: Ruth E. Iskin, The Poster: Art, Advertising. Design, and Collecting, 1860s-1900s, Hanover, New Hampshire: Dartmouth College Press, 2014, 408 pp., 48 col. plates, 140 b & w illus., $50.00 pbk, ISBN 9781611686166 13/KH1

Robert Gaston (Melbourne), ‘“What I wanted was concepts”: Michael Baxandall’s intellectual Odyssey’: Michael Baxandall, Vision and the Work of Words, edited by Peter Mack and Robert Williams, Farnham UK and Burlington VT, Ashgate, 2015, xii +175 pp, 16 col. Plates, £ 60 hdbk, ISBN 9781472442789 13/RG1

Noah Heringman (Missouri), ‘Origins, survivals, and other metahistorical fictions in Enlightenment conjectural histories of art’: Hans Christian Hönes, Kunst am Ursprung: Das Nachleben der Bilder und die Souveränität des Antiquars, Bielefeld: Transcript, 2014, 327 pp., 89 b/w illus., €37.99 pbk or ebook, ISBN 978-3-8376-2750-3 13/NH1

Katherine Manthorne (CUNY), ‘Art at the crossroads: Francisco Oller and Caribbean art’: Edward J. Sullivan, From San Juan to Paris and Back: Francisco Oller and Caribbean Art in the Era of Impressionism, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2014, 208 pp., 81 colour + 18 b/w ills, $60.00 hdbk, ISBN: 978-0-300-20320-2 13/KM1

Martin Myrone (Tate Gallery), ‘Henry Fuseli’s Alternative Classicism’: Andrei Pop, Antiquity, Theatre & The Painting of Henry Fuseli, Oxford University Press 2015, 288 Pages, 64 black and white and 11 colour illustrations, ISBN: 9780198709275 13/MM1

Andrei Pop (Chicago), ‘The pinch of Expressionism in art history’: Kimberly A. Smith, ed., The Expressionist Turn in Art History, Farnham, Surrey, and Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2014, 374 pp., 35 ill. b/w, £75.00, ISBN: 978-1-4094-4999-7 13/AP1

Matthew Rampley (Birmingham), ‘Art Historians in Romania: Vlad Țoca’: Art Historical Discourse in Romania, 1919-1947. Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2011, 206 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-963-236-486-5 13/MR1

Anne Nike van Dam (Independent), ‘The many possibilities of debating German heritage’: Kristina Jõekalda, Krista Kodres, eds, Debating German Heritage: Art History and Nationalism during the Long Nineteenth Century. Special issue of Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi 2014, vol. 23, no. 3/4. 184 pp., paperback, colour illustrations, ISSN: 1406-2860 13/AvD1

Ian Verstegen (Pennsylvania), ‘Persistence of vision – Blind Spots after ten years’: Frederic Schwartz, Blind Spots: Critical Theory and the History of Art in Twentieth-Century Germany. Yale University Press, 2005. 300 pp. 13/IV1

Nóra Veszprémi (Birmingham), ‘National ornament and the imperial masquerade’: Rebecca Houze, Textiles, Fashion, and Design Reform in Austria–Hungary before the First World War: Principles of Dress, Farnham, Surrey and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2015, 384 pp., 79 col. plates, 109 b. & w. illus., £85.00 hdbk ISBN 978-1-4094-3668-3 13/NV1

Jeremy White (University of California, Santa Barbara), ‘Studying frozen movement’: Spyros Papapetros, On the Animation of the Inorganic: Art, Architecture, and the Extension of Life, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2012, 400pp. + b/w illustrations, £35.00, ISBN-10: 0226645681; ISBN-13: 978-0226645681 13/JW1

Arnold Witte (Royal Netherlandish Institute in Rome and University of Amsterdam), ‘Wölfflin’s Grundbegriffe as a psychological palimpsest?’: Heinrich Wölfflin, Principles of Art History. One Hundredth Anniversary Edition, translated by Jonathan Blower and edited by Evonne Levy and Tristan Weddigen, ix + 357 pp. Los Angeles: Getty Publications 2015. US$ 34.94, £ 20.00 ISBN 978-1-60606-452-8 13/AW1


Annie Malama (National Gallery of Greece), ‘Art history: formation of the academic discipline in Europe, and related developments in Greece (18th-19th c.). Rethymnon (3-4 October, 2014)’ 13/AM1 This report has also been published, in Greek, in Art History [Istoria tis Technis] journal, #3, Winter 2014-15, 209-211


Niccolo Caldararo (San Francisco State University and Conservation Art Service), ‘On the history of conservation in the western USA’ 13/NC1

Seth Adam Hindin (Oxford), ‘A Reply to Dr Caldararo’13/SAH1

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