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Number 16 June 2017


The limits of connoisseurship: guest edited by Valérie Kobi

Valérie Kobi (Bielefeld University), ‘The limits of connoisseurship. Attribution issues and mistakes. An introduction’ 16/VK1

David Pullins (The Frick Collection), ‘The individual’s triumph: the eighteenth-century consolidation of authorship and art historiography’ 16/DP1

Catherine B. Scallen (Case Western Reserve University), ‘Do mistakes always matter? Jakob Rosenberg’s Rembrandt Life and Work16/CBS1

Noa Turel (The University of Alabama at Birmingham), ‘Genius disrobed: the Early Netherlandish underdrawing craze and the end of a connoisseurship era’ 16/NT1

Joris Corin Heyder (Bielefeld University), ‘Same, similar, semblable – languages of connoisseurship’ 16/JCH1

Stefano Pierguidi (La Sapienza in Rome), ‘Che si conoscono al suo già detto segno: Vasari’s connoisseurship in the field of engravings’ 16/SP1

Sharon Hecker (Independent), ‘The afterlife of sculptures: posthumous casts and the case of Medardo Rosso (1858–1928)’ 16/SH1

Pamella Guerdat (Institut national d’histoire de l’art in Paris and Neuchâtel University), ‘Through the appraisal process: René Gimpel (1881-1945) and Nicolas Poussin’s Self-Portrait, from rediscovery to de-attribution’ 16/PG1 Link to images

Peter-David Friedrich (University of Bielefeld and Graduate School of the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), ‘Determining the value of connoisseurship – an art of lasting topicality’, review of Copy.Right – Adam von Bartsch – Kunst, Kommerz, Kennerschaft, edited by Stephan Brakensiek, Anette Michels, and Anne-Katrin Sors, Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, 2016 16/P-DF1

Portuguese art historiography

Edward J. Sullivan (New York University), ‘Portuguese art history: a view from North America’ 16/EJS1

Foteini Vlachou (Instituto de História Contemporânea, Lisbon), ‘The discourse on utility: art theory in eighteenth-century Portugal’ 16/FV1

General papers

Vlad Ionescu (Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Hasselt University), ‘On moths and butterflies, or how to orient oneself through images. Georges-Didi Huberman’s art criticism in context’ 16/VI1

Eva Kernbauer (University of Applied Arts, Vienna), ‘Anachronic concepts, art historical containers and historiographical practices in contemporary art’ 16/EK1


Ingrid R. Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), ‘Pierre-Jean Mariette, enlightened art connoisseur and scholar of art history’, Mariette and the Science of the Connoisseur in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Kristel Smentek, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014 16/IRV1

Arnold Witte (University of Amsterdam and Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome), ‘Occupied Europe and German art historiography: methodology and morals’, Kunstgeschichte in den besetzten Gebieten 1939-1945, edited by Magdalena Bushart, Agnieszka Gasior and Alena Janatkova. Cologne/Weimar/Vienna: Böhlau, 2016 16/AW1


Matthew Rampley (University of Birmingham), Report on Rudolf von Eitelberger: Netzwerker der Kunstgeschichte. Conference held for the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Rudolf Eitelberger (1817-1885). Museum of Applied Art, Vienna, 27-29 April 2017. Link to conference website. 16/MR1


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