Book reviews guidelines

Publishers or authors wishing to have their books reviewed in this journal should, in the first instance, contact the Editor by email:  Full details should be given about the book including a substantial abstract of its content. The Editor will then consult with the Editorial Advisory Board to find a suitable reviewer.

In recognition of the proliferation of ebooks, the journal’s policy is this:

In view of the fact that reading an ebook is a completely different experience from reading a hard copy, publishers must send hard copies of books that they wish to have reviewed to reviewers. Digital copies are not acceptable.

Having obtained the potential reviewer’s agreement, the Editor will then contact the publisher or author asking for the book to be sent directly to that reviewer. The Editor has no objection, on principle, to unsolicited reviews.

  • Books under review should be set: title in bold by/edited by Author(s) in italics, Place of Publication: Publisher, date of publication, 000pp., 00 col. plates, 00 b. & w. illus., £00.00 hdbk, £00.00 pbk ISBN 0000000000.
  • Reviews should be aimed at the journal’s targeted constituencies.
  • All reviews should have titles.
  • Author’s name and institutional affiliation to appear at end of review.
  • Reviewers should follow the style guidelines to be found in the section titled ‘Journal submission guidelines‘.
  • Contributors may suggest illustrations from the book under review for reproduction with their piece. In such cases it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permissions and jpgs of those illustrations.
  • Please send electronic copy: an email attachment in MS Word is preferred.
  • Proofs will be sent to authors for their approval.
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit texts received. Only substantial changes will be made in consultation with authors.
  • The Editor reserves the right not to publish material submitted.
  • The review should be sufficiently long to give full consideration of the publication’s content and argument. Substantial review articles (3,000+ words) are preferred and the use of footnotes is encouraged.
  • Reviews must also carry an abstract, key words and a brief author self description.

Reviews will be published by blog when they become available and formally consolidated in the table of contents of the following issue of the journal.