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Tereza Hrdličková and Tomáš Murár report on Second Vienna School conference, on Max Dvořák

25 June 2021

The Influence of the Vienna School of Art History II: The 100th Anniversary of Max Dvořák’s Death

15–16 April 2021 Institute of Art History

Czech Academy of Sciences, Husova 4, Prague

Tereza Hrdličková (Charles University in Prague) and Tomáš Murár (Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences) 25/HDTM1

Abstract: The report concludes the results of the international conference organized on 15-16 April 2021 by the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences to commemorate 100 years since the death of Czech born Viennese art historian Max Dvořák (1874–1921). It shows the wide range of professional work that Dvořák covered during his short life as well as wide range of possibilities of how his work influenced the art history elaborated after his death. The report also shows the plurality in which Dvořák’s art historical research is interpreted today.

Key words: Max Dvořák, Vienna School of Art History, international conference, anniversary

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