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Ricardo De Mambro Santos on Decolonialism

6 April 2021

Square plans for a circular journey: remarks on the ‘decolonial’ critique of art history

Review of:

Carolin Overhoff Ferreira, Decolonial Introduction to the Theory, History and Criticism of the Arts,, 2019, ISBN 9780244195182 paperback, ISBN 9780244795177 e-book, 356 pages, 93 b/w ill.

Ricardo De Mambro Santos (Willamette University) 24/RdMS

Abstract: The volume explores the Eurocentrism that has characterised practices and discourses related to Western art phenomena from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century, examining the critical, aesthetic and ideological implications of such a pervasively Eurocentric horizon of references. Through the adoption of alternative parameters of interpretation, like the concepts of ‘third space’ and ‘a-historicity’, the book aims to promote a ‘decolonial perspective’ in the study of art, reassessing well-consolidated narratives that reflect, first and foremost, a hegemonic cultural system directly derived from Europe-centered experiences both in the production as well as in the analysis of artworks.

Key words: decolonial critique, art criticism, deconstruction and art theory, historiography of art, Brazilian art and visual culture

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