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ToC for Number 23 Dec 2020

23 November 2020

General articles

Susanna Avery-Quash with Christine Riding (National Gallery, London), ‘Two hundred years of women benefactors at the National Gallery: an exercise in mapping uncharted territory’ 23/AQR1

Rex Butler (Monash University, Melbourne), ‘Rosalind Krauss: between modernism and post-medium’ 23/RB1

Thomas Hughes (Courtauld Institute), ‘Subjectivity, historical imagination and the language of art history’ 23/TH1

Janno Martens (KU Leuven), ‘Lost and found in translation: the post-war adaptation strategies of Sigfried Giedion and Alexander Dorner’ 23/JM1

Stefan Muthesius (University of East Anglia), ‘How to write plausibly about Architecture and architectural History, according to A. Rosengarten (1809-1893)’ 23/SM1  

Gavin Parkinson (Courtauld Institute), ‘On “sensibility”: art, art criticism and Surrealism in New York in the 1960s’ 23/GP1

Caroline Anjali Ritchie (Tate Britain and the University of York), ‘Dangerous disorder: ‘confusione’ in sixteenth-century Italian art treatises’ 23/CAR1

Modern Lives – Modern Legends: artist anecdotes since the eighteenth century: Guest edited by Hans C. Hönes (University of Aberdeen) and Anna Frasca-Rath (Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen)

Hans C. Hönes (University of Aberdeen) and Anna Frasca-Rath (Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen), ‘Introduction’ 23/HFR1

Hans C. Hönes (University of Aberdeen), ‘A match not made in heaven: artist anecdotes and the “Dialogues of the Dead”’ 23/HCH1

Mark Ledbury (Power Institute at the University of Sydney), ‘Trash talk and buried treasure: Northcote and Hazlitt‘ 23/ML1

Lois Oliver (University of Notre Dame (USA) in London), ‘Monk or lover? A nineteenth-century artist’s dilemma’ 23/LO1

Matthew Greg Sullivan (University of York), ’”Vivid presentiments of action and character”: Allan Cunningham’s Anecdotes of British Sculptors’ 23/MGS1

Anna Frasca-Rath (Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen), ‘The origin (and decline) of painting: Iaia, Butades and the concept of ‘Women’s Art’ in the 19th Century‘ 23/AFR1

Benjamin Harvey (Mississippi State University), ‘Refusing to play Vasari: Roger Fry’s Cézannian anecdotes’ 23/BH1

Christine Hübner (Leipzig University),  ‘”Creations of the professor’s fertile mind” – August Hagen’s artists’ novels’ 23/CH1

The influence of the Vienna School of Art History before and after 1918 – Part 3

Stefaniia Demchuk (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), ‘The influence of the Vienna School of Art History on Soviet and post-Soviet historiography: Bruegel’s case’ 23/SD1

Csilla Markója (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Kata Balázs (acb ResearchLab, Budapest), ’The Tolnay–Panofsky affair or, loyalty to the youth: Max Dvořák, the Vienna School, and the Sunday Circle’ 23/MB1

Zehra Tonbul (Istanbul Sehir University), ‘From Strzygowski’s “Orient oder Rom” to Hans Sedlmayr’s “Closest Orient”’ 23/ZT1

The Artist Interview – An interdisciplinary approach to its history, process and dissemination: Guest edited by Lucia Farinati (Kingston University) and Jennifer Thatcher (University of Edinburgh)

Lucia Farinati (Kingston University) and Jennifer Thatcher (University of Edinburgh), ‘Preface’ Kingston University 23/FT1


Lucia Farinati (Kingston University) and Jennifer Thatcher (University of Edinburgh), ‘Mapping the contemporary historiography of the artist interview as a literary and critical genre: a critical introduction’ 23/FT2

Reva Wolf (State University of New York at New Paltz), ‘The artist interview: an elusive history’ 23/RW1

Poppy Sfakianaki (University of Crete), ‘From ‘Portraits d’artistes’ to the interviewer’s portrait: interviews of modern artists by Jacques Guenne in L’art vivant (1925–1930)’ 23/PS1

Documents for The Artist Interview

Lucia Farinati (Kingston University) and Jennifer Thatcher (University of Edinburgh), ‘Commentary on the documents’ 23/FT3

Clive Phillpot (Independent), ‘Both sides of the microphone’ 23/CP1

Jean Wainwright (The University for the Creative Arts, London), ‘Small lies? Authenticity and the artist interview’ 23/JW1

Claire M. Holdsworth (Independent), ‘Vocal acts: video art and the artist’s voice’ 23/CH1

Lauren Cross (Independent), ‘Artist interviews and revisionist art history: women of African descent, critical practice and methods of rewriting dominant narratives’ 23/LC1


Karl Johns (trans.), ‘Ernst Gombrich: “Some reminiscences of Julius von Schlosser as a teacher”, Kritische Berichte, 16th Year, 1988 no. 4, pp. 5-9’. Originally published as Ernst H. Gombrich, ‘Einige Erinnerungen an Julius von Schlosser als Lehrer’, Kritische Berichte 4/1988, pp. 5-9. 23/KJ1

Karl Johns (ed. and trans.), ‘Erica Tietze-Conrat, “On Drawings”’. Originally published as ‘Ueber Handzeichnungen’, Kunstgeschichtliche Anzeigen Beiblatt de Mitteilungen des Instituts für österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Redigiert von Max Dvořák, Jahrgang 1913 Heft 1/2, Innsbruck: Wagner 1913, pp. 41-51, signed February 1914. 23/KJ2

Karl Johns (ed. and trans.), ‘Erica Tietze-Conrat, “On leg poses in art history”’. Originally published as ‘J. J. Tikannen, “Die Beinstellungen in der Kunstgeschichte. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der künstlerischen Motive”, Tom. XLII Nr. 1 der Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae Helsingfors 1912’, Kunstgeschichtliche Anzeigen Beiblatt der ‘Mitteilungen des Instituts für österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Redigiert von Max Dvořák, Jahrgang 1912 Heft 3/4, Innsbruck: Wagner 1912, pp. 66-69. 23/KJ3


David Cast (Bryn Mawr College), ‘Germany/ England: inside/outside’ 23/DC1


Jeffrey Collins (Bard Graduate Center), ‘Market values in eighteenth-century Rome’. Review of: The Art Market in Rome in the Eighteenth Century: A Study in the Social History of Art, edited by Paolo Coen, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2018 [Studies in the History of Collecting and Art Markets, vol. 5], xii + 234 pp., 80 colour illus., €116/$134 hdbk, ISBN 978-90-04-33699-5. 23/JC1

Cynthia Paces (The College of New Jersey), ‘Nationalising Czech Modernism’. Review of: Marta Filipová, Modernity, History, and Politics in Czech Art, Series: Routledge Research in Art and Politics, New York: Routledge, 2019, 224 pp, 31 b. & w. illus., bibliography, index, $155 hdbk, ISBN 978-1138585669. 23/CP1

William E. Wallace (Washington University in St. Louis), ‘Michelangelo’s principles or Panofsky’s?’. Review of: Michelangelo’s Design Principles, Particularly in Relation to Those of Raphael by Erwin Panofsky, edited by Gerda Panofsky, translated by Joseph Spooner, Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2020, ISBN 978-0-691-6526-4. 23/WW1

Alex Weintraub (Columbia University), ‘Art History in light of Mallarmé’. Review of: Trevor Stark, Total Expansion of the Letter: Avant-Garde Art and Language after Mallarmé,Cambridge: MIT Press, 2020, 440pp., 10 col. plates, 60 b. & w. illus., $£45.00 hdbk, ISBN 9780262043717. And Andrei Pop, A Forest of Symbols: Art, Science, and Truth in the Long Nineteenth Century, Cambridge: MIT Press, 15 col. plates, 101 b. & w. illus., £25.00 hdbk, ISBN 9781935408369. 23/AW1

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