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20th issue of the journal to appear on June 1st

29 May 2019

Table of contents

General articles
Hammam Aldouri (Independent), ‘Search for a method: a reassessment of Hegel’s dialectic in art history’ 20/HA1

Csilla Markója (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), ‘ The modification of meaning: Cézanne, Hildebrand, Meier-Graefe and the problems of cultural transfer’ 20/CM1

Jacob Stewart-Halevy (Tufts University), ‘Sypher’s Cipher: ‘Paradoxes of Conduct’ in the Reception of Mannerism, 1954-1973’ 20/JSH1


Eloise Donnelly (University of Cambridge and the British Museum), ‘”A material influence imperceptibly exercised on the taste and judgement of the public”: The Burlington Fine Arts Club and the history of collecting’: Stacey J. Pierson, Private Collecting, Exhibitions, and the Shaping of Art History in London. The Burlington Fine Arts Club, London, Routledge, 2017, 222pp, 10 col. plates, 24 b. & w. illus., ISBN 978-1-138-23262-4 20/ED1

Ladislav Kesner (Masaryk University Brno), ‘Saving the humanities from evolutionary and neuroscientific imperialism’: Matthew Rampley, The Seductions of Darwin. Art, Evolution, Neuroscience, The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, PA 2017,189 pp., ISBN 978-0-271-07742-0 20/LK1

Aaron Kozbelt (Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York), ‘Gombrich’s cosmos of thought: past and future’: Art and the Mind – Ernst H. Gombrich: Mit dem Steckenpferd unterwegs, edited by Sybille Moser-Ernst with editorial assistance by Ursula Marinelli, Göttingen, Germany: V& R unipress, 2018, 442 pp., 59 figures, ISBN 9783847107941 20/AK1

Elizabeth Mansfield (Pennsylvania State University), ‘Where centre and periphery meet: art history in Greece’: Art History in Greece: Selected Essays, edited by Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos, Athens: Melissa Publishing House, 2018, 150 pp., 22 b. & w. illus., ISBN 9789602043790 20/EM1

France Nerlich (INHA Paris), ‘The invention of the homogeneity and continuity of peoples. Or the essential ethnicization of art history’: Eric Michaud, Les Invasions barbares. Une généalogie de l’histoire de l’art, nrf essais Gallimard, 2015, 304 pages, 14 b. & w. illus., ISBN 978-2-07-012265-3 20/FN1

Alessandro Nova (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz), ‘Raphael and the redefinition of art in Renaissance Italy’ In memoriam Robert Williams: Robert Williams, Raphael and the Redefinition of Art in Renaissance Italy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017, 304 pp., 113 b. & w. illus., ISBN 978-1-107-13150-7 20/AN1

Matthew Rampley (Brno), ‘Theories of agency in art’: Horst Bredekamp, Image Acts: A Systematic Approach to Visual Agency. Translated by Elizabeth Clegg. Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2018, 361 pp, ISBN 978-3110536300 20/MR1

Richard Read (University of Western Australia), ‘Opened eyes on Australian exhibition history’: Australian Art Exhibitions: Opening our Eyes by Joanna Mendelssohn, Catherine De Lorenzo, Alison Inglis and Catherine Speck, Melbourne, Thames & Hudson, 2018, 432 pages, 396 col. Plates, 63 b. & w. illus., ISBN 9780500501214 20/RR1

Ariane Varela Braga (University of Zurich), ‘Ornament and European Modernism: from art practice to art history’: Ornament and European Modernism. From Art Practice to Art History, by Loretta Vandi (ed.), New York and London: Routledge, 2018, 198 pp., 38 colour & b/w illus., ISBN: 978-1-138-74340-3 20/VB1

Kamini Vellodi (Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh), ‘A timely collection?’: Time in the History of Art. Temporality, chronology and anachrony, edited by Dan Karlholm and Keith Moxey, Studies in Art Historiography, New York and London: Routledge 2018, 254 pages, 50 B/W Illus, ISBN 978-0-415-34744-0, 20/KV1

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