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Aaron Kozbelt on Gombrich’s cosmos of thought: past and future

10 March 2019

Gombrich’s cosmos of thought: past and future


Review of:

Art and the Mind – Ernst H. Gombrich: Mit dem Steckenpferd unterwegs, edited by Sybille Moser-Ernst with editorial assistance by Ursula Marinelli, Göttingen, Germany: V& R unipress, 2018, 442 pp., 59 figures, $69.00 hdbk, ISBN 9783847107941

Aaron Kozbelt (Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York) 20/AK1

Abstract: This review of the English-language chapters of Sybille Moser-Ernst’s edited collection, Art and Mind – Ernst H. Gombrich: Mit dem Steckenpferd unterwegs, focuses on his complex and continuing influence on basic questions about visual art and its history. Gombrich’s broad interdisciplinary reach is evident in the range of themes and critical approaches offered by the contributors. As cognitive psychologist whose research interests and orientation overlap with many of Gombrich’s core concerns, I discuss the contributions in terms of foci on the past versus future and situate the latter in the context of contemporary psychological and neuroscience research. The implications of this cross-disciplinary dialogue remain fertile, as researchers in many domains continue to play catch-up to Gombrich’s prescient insights.

Key Words: Gombrich, neuroarthistory, neuroaesthetics, empirical aesthetics, perceptual psychology, creativity, postmodernism

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