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Writing about art in England before and after 1900

22 December 2018

Special issue of the journal Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide Volume 14, Issue 2 | Summer 2015.


  • Introduction: Change/Continuity: Writing About Art in Britain Before and After 1900
    by Martina Droth and Peter Trippi
  • From English School to British School: Modernism, Revisionism, and National Culture in the Writings of M. H. Spielmann
    by Julie Codell
  • Generations of Modernism, or, A Queer Variety of Natural History: Edmund Gosse and Sculptural Modernity
    by Jason Edwards
  • “Reuniting What Never Should Have Been Separated”: The Arts and Crafts Movement, Modernism, and Sculpture in Britain 1890–1914
    by Sarah Victoria Turner
  • From Impressionism to Post-Impressionism: Continuities in Roger Fry’s Concept of Aesthetic Perception
    by Adrianne Rubin
  • Cosmo Monkhouse: A Conservative Reconsidered
    by Dana Garvey
  • History Painting and Its Critics, ca. 1870–1910
    by Imogen Hart
  • Seeing the Sacred: Burne-Jones’s Reception as a “Great Religious Painter”
    by Colette Crossman
  • Enshrined in a Library Edition, and an Incubus to Get Rid of: Walter Pater’s Renaissance around 1910
    by Lene Østermark-Johansen
  • W. G. Collingwood: Artist, Art Historian, Critic, Archaeologist, and Anglo-Saxonist
    by Jane Hawkes
  • Cultivating the First Generation of Scholars at the Victoria and Albert Museum
    by Anthony Burton
  • Nancy Bell’s Elementary History of Art and the British Origins of Popular Art History
    by Amy Von Lintel

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