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Why Alois Riegl still haunts art history. Andrei Pop reviews Cordilione and Rampley on Riegl

3 March 2017

Andrei Pop, ‘Why Alois Riegl Still Haunts Art History’, Oxford Art Journal 38:2 (June 2015), 25-30.  Published at

Review of: Diana Reynolds Cordileone,  Alois Riegl in Vienna 1875–1905: An Institutional Biography,  (Farnham: Ashgate, 2014), 19 b&w illns, 326 pp.,hardcover £63. Matthew Rampley, The Vienna School of Art History: Empire and the Politics of Scholarship, 1847–1918,  (University Park: Pennsylvania StatUniversity Press, 2013), 18 b&w illns, 296 pp., hardcover $89.95

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