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June issue now out

2 June 2016

Number 14 June 2016


The history of architectural historiography

Guest edited by Branko Mitrović

Branko Mitrović (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), ‘Introduction’14/BM1

Caterina Cardamone (UCLouvain-la-Neuve), ‘ Josef Frank and the history of architecture: Gothic and the Renaissance, Leon Battista Alberti and Albrecht Dürer in the architectural discourse on Neues Bauen at the beginning of the 1930s’ 14/CC1

Miriam Cera (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), ‘The Noticias de los arquitectos: towards a ‘National’ definition of Spanish architecture’ 14/MC1

Braden Engel (Academy of Art University, San Francisco), ‘Ambichronous historiography: Colin Rowe and the teaching of architectural history’ 14/BE1

Johanna Gullberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway), ‘Voids and bodies: August Schmarsow, Bruno Zevi and space as a historiographical theme’ 14/JG1

Nadejda  Podzemskaia (CNRS (CRAL, Paris)), ‘ Publication of Renaissance architectural treatises in the Soviet Union in the 1930s: Alexander Gabrichevsky’s contribution to the theory and history of architecture’ 14/NP1

Michela Rosso  (Politecnico di Torino), ‘Between history, criticism, and wit: texts and images of English modern architecture (1933-36)’ 14/MR1 Plates

Matthew Wells (Royal College of Art), ‘The practice of history: the Smithsons, Colin St John Wilson, and the writing of architectural history’ 14/MW1

Olga Yakushenko (European University Institute in Florence), ‘Anatole Kopp’s Town and Revolution as history and a manifesto: a reactualization of Russian Constructivism in the West in the 1960s’ 14/OY1



Ian Verstegen (University of Pennsylvania), ‘Sedlmayr’s Borromini’ 14/IV1

Hans Sedlmayr, The Architecture of Borromini, Munich: Piper 1930, introduced, edited and translated by Karl Johns (Independent) 14/KJ1 Plates

Rose’s Wolfflin

Andrew Hopkins (University of L’Aquila), ‘Reprinting and republishing Wölfflin in the 1920s’ 14/AH1

Arnold Witte (University of Amsterdam and Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome), ‘”An appendix of manageable proportions”: Heinrich Wölfflin and Hans Rose between Baroque Studies and National-Socialism’ 14/AW1

Hans Rose, Commentary to Heinrich Wölfflin, Renaissance and Baroque, fourth edition, Munich: Bruckmann, 1926, 181-328, translation by Arnold Witte and Andrew Hopkins 14/WHR1


Branko Mitrović (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway), ‘Visuality, intentionality and architecture’: John Searle: Seeing things as they are. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015 14/BM2

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