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Book review: Martin Myrone on Andrei Pop, Antiquity, Theatre & The Painting of Henry Fuseli

29 November 2015

Henry Fuseli’s Alternative Classicism

Review of:

Andrei Pop, Antiquity, Theatre & The Painting of Henry Fuseli, Oxford University Press 2015, 288 Pages, 64 black and white and 11 colour illustrations, ISBN: 9780198709275

Martin Myrone 13/MM1

Abstract: The review considers Andrei Pop’s Antiquity, Theatre & The Painting of Henry Fuseli. This argues for the history painter and writer Fuseli as an exemplary ‘Neopagan’, a term coined by Pop to refer to the new sense of cultural pluralism and historical relativism which emerged in Europe after the discovery of the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 1748. While this perspective offers a fresh view of the artist, relating him to the emergence of modernity, and illuminates some important aspects of his work, the reviewer also suggests that the monographic focus risks re-asserting a sense of Fuseli’s exceptionalism.

Key words: Henry Fuseli, neoclassicism, classicism, modernity

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