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Book review: Matthew Rampley on Vlad Țoca, Art Historical Discourse in Romania, 1919-1947

10 October 2015

Art historians in Romania

Review of:

Vlad Țoca, Art Historical Discourse in Romania, 1919-1947. Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2011, 206 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-963-236-486-5, €10.00

Matthew Rampley  13/MR1

Abstract:  This review discusses Vlad Țoca’s outline of Romanian art history from 1919 to 1947. It considers the value and significance of scholarship on Romanian culture and the historiography of art, but also identifies a number of critical deficits in Țoca’s study, including a lack of concrete detail, a reluctance to engage with the cultural politics shaping the development of interwar Romanian art history, and an overly descriptive approach. Despite such flaws, the book remains, it argues, valuable for its role in opening up a new field of research and providing a useful introduction to its topic.

Key words: Romania; Transylvania, Cluj, Vienna School, George Oprescu, Coriolan Petranu, Nicolae Iorga, Josef Strzygowski

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