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Burkhardt Archive

20 September 2015

From: Susanne Müller <>
Date: 15.09.2015

On behalf of the Principal Investigator Prof. Maurizio Ghelardi and the team, we announce the official opening of

The whole corpus of letters to Jacob Burckhardt consists of about 1100
documents: by now are visible 600 missives. Yet, on the 12th October the map for geographical research and an additional assortment of letters will be released, while on the 28th October the advanced semantic research and further missives will be uploaded. The remaining letters will be published once every two weeks.
The Digital Library offers two versions for each letter: the default visualisation is the «Semantic edition». A special section is dedicated to «Metadata», where an extensive number of data establishes the letters context. The so-called «Collections» suggest a thematic navigation through the Digital Library. Still, an easy access to the letters is also handy through the metadata: Year, Sender, Compilation and Receving Place.

The DL hosts the complete documentation of EUROCORR ERC (see «Help» on the Footer): it is conceived to make criteria, methodologies and tools adopted by the research team transparent and clear. Direct access to the reports is also possible through

Reference / Quellennachweis:

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