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Book received: Debating German Heritage: Art History and Nationalism during the Long Nineteenth Century

26 January 2015

Current issue of Estonian journal of art history and visual culture, Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi / Studies on Art and Architecture 2014, vol. 23, no. 3/4

Debating German Heritage: Art History and Nationalism during the Long Nineteenth Century

The Special Issue Debating German Heritage, fully in English, addresses the German culture and its afterlife in the multiethnic Eastern and Central Europe. The volume offers insights into various cases of art historiography, which was often written in German during the nineteenth century. Introductory article by the editors of the Special Issue (Kristina Jõekalda, Krista Kodres) is accompanied by two contributions that frame the rest of the articles both historically and conceptually: Hubert Locher on the idea of cultural heritage and the canon of art, and Winfried Speitkamp on the history of German heritage preservation and nationalism. These are followed by five more focused case studies concerned with questions of heritage and identity from multiple angles: Heimat as a Baltic German space of belonging (Ulrike Plath), the German heritage of architecture as a cornerstone of Baltic identity (Kristina Jõekalda), the activity of the Society for History and Antiquities Research of the Eastern Provinces of Russia (Mārtiņš Mintaurs), the construction of national identity via grand exhibitions in Bohemia and Austria-Hungary (Marta Filipová), and finally the Kunstschutz campaigns during World War I that provided the context in which the notion of heritage primarily began to develop (Beate Störtkuhl).

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