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Late addition to the journal on Riegl and Schlosser

4 December 2014

You may be interested to know of a late addition to the December issue of the journal:

Karl Johns (Independent), ‘A monumental step for Riegl and Schlosser in France’: Alois Riegl, Christopher S. Wood, Emmanuel Alloa, L’industrie d’art romaine tardive, trans. Marielène Weber, Sophie Yersin Legrand, Paris: Éditions Macula 2014, 476 pp., 23 col. plates, 126 ill. b/w, 44.00 €, ISBN 978-2-86589-075-0, ISSN 1159-4632  and Julius von Schlosser, Patricia Falguières, Les Cabinets d’art et de merveilles de la Renaissance tardive, Une contribution à l’histoire du collectionnisme, Paris: Éditions Macula 2012, 372 pp., 115 ill. b/w, 31.00 €, ISBN 978-2-86589-073-6, ISSN 1159-4632 11/KJ3

Karl has yet to send me his abstract and key words. I am expecting them shortly.

Prof. Richard Woodfield, Editor of the Journal of Art Historiography

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