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Issue 10 of the Journal now online: Chinese art historiography

1 June 2014

Number 10 June 2014

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art: Historiographic Reflections

Guest edited by Wenny Teo (Courtauld Institute)


Guo Hui (Leiden), ‘Canonization in early twentieth-century Chinese art history’ 10/HG1

Nicole T.C. Chiang (Museum of East Asian Art, Bath), ‘Redefining an imperial collection: problems of modern impositions and interpretations’ 10/NC

Chia-Ling Yang (Edinburgh), ‘Power, identity and antiquarian approaches in modern Chinese art’,10/CLY1

John Clark, (Sydney), ‘Is the modernity of Chinese art comparable? An opening of a theoretical space’ 10/JC1

Paul Gladston (The University of Nottingham), ‘Deconstructing Gao Minglu: critical reflections on contemporaneity and associated exceptionalist readings of contemporary Chinese art’ 10/PG1

Joshua Gong (Sussex), ‘Lv Peng and his Chinese Art History in Operation, since 1986’ 10/JG1

Peggy Wang (Bowdoin College), ‘Making and remaking history: categorising ‘conceptual art’ in contemporary Chinese art’ 10/PW1

Orianna Cacchione (University of California, San Diego), ‘To enter art history – reading and writing art history in China during the Reform Era’, 10/OC1

Franziska Koch (Heidelberg), ‘Strategies of Mediation. Considering photographs of artworks created by the ‘Stars’ in 1979/80 and their changing historiographical status’, 10/FK1

Birgit Hopfener (Free University Berlin), ‘Qiu Zhijie’s self-conception as an artist – doing art in a critical historical and transcultural perspective’ 10/BH1

In memoriam

Zaixin Hong (University of Puget Sound), ‘James Cahill and the Study of Chinese Painting’ 10/ZH1

Jerome Silbergeld (Princeton), ‘Michael Sullivan and his study of modern and Contemporary Chinese Painting’ 10/JS1



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