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Authentication in Art (The Hague, 7-9 May 14)

6 December 2013

CONF: Authentication in Art (The Hague, 7-9 May 14)

The Hague, The Netherlands, May 7 – 09, 2014

Authentication in Art Congress 2014 – The Hague, The Netherlands

Preliminary Congress Programme

Wednesday, May 7 – Scene setting

– Javier Lumbreras (Congress Keynote Speaker):‘Facing the Sea Change: The Pivotal Role of the Congress in Aiding the Art Industry’

– Prof. Thierry Lenain: ‘The Philosophy of Forgery’

– Prof. dr. Martin Kemp: ‘It doesn’t Look Like Leonardo’

Historical Developments in Painting Authentication

– Dr. Margaret Dalivalle: ‘Connoisseurship: copy and original in the 17th and 18th centuries’

– Dr. Dietrich Seybold: ‘Giovanni Morelli or The Quest for Scientific Connoisseurship’

– Prof. Frank James: ‘Davy and Faraday: The early analysis of pigments’

– Dr. Anna Tummers: ‘Formalisation of connoisseurship in the early 20th century’

– Dr. Lynn Catterson: ‘Stefano Bardini & the Art of Crafting Authenticity’

– Prof. John Brewer: ‘Berenson and the connoisseurs in the Duveen trial of 1929′

– Dr. Evan Hepler-Smith: ‘Remaking the x-ray as an instrument of authentication’

Festive evening dinner (no additional charges – included in congress fee)

Thursday, May 8 – Painting Authentication – current state

– Dr. Ella Hendriks: ‘Evaluating technical and analytical studies of Van Gogh’s paintings in support of attribution’

– Dr. Louis van Tilborgh: ‘Van Gogh and his oeuvre: the attribution process evaluated’

– Dr. Ellen Landau ‘Conservation as a Connoisseurship Tool: Jackson Pollock’s 1943 Mural for Peggy Guggenheim, A Case Study’

– Colette Loll Marvin: ‘The Utilization of Forensic Science Principles and Microscopic Trace Evidence Techniques’

– Dr. Gunnar Heydenreich: ‘Campendonk – or not? Collaborative studies on paintings by Heinrich Campendonk within the context of the Beltracchi forgery scandal.’

– Dr. Jørgen Wadum: ‘The Eye or Chemistry? Connoisseurship and Technical Art History for Authentication’

– Dr. Heike Stege: ‘

Authenticity expertises at the Doerner Institut – a look on current practice and future necessities with focus on organic pigment analyses’

– Elke Cwiertnia: ‘Examining artworks attributed to Francis Bacon (1909-1992) to aid authentication’

Round table discussion: ‘Economic Impact of Authenticity Issues on the Art Market’

Panel: Dr. Friederike Gräfin von Brühl, William Charron, Randell Willette, Drs. Jeroen Euwe and Dr. Anna Dempster.

Friday, May 9 – Future developments and improvements

– Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh: ‘A Materialist Perspective: Developing a theoretical framework for technical art history’s role in authentication’

– Milko den Leeuw: ‘Design for a Future Mobile Lab for Technical Art History in Authentication Research’

Plenary Panel session: Common Terminology ‘Authentication Protocols: Common Terminology & Understanding’

Panel: Drs. Ingeborg de Jongh – Prof. Thierry Lenain – Dr. Jilleen Nadolny – Dr. Daniela Pinna – Iris Schaefer – Dr. Eddy Schavemaker

Plenary Panel session: Standards for scientific and technological research ‘Authentication Protocols: Art Industry / Innovative Technical Developments’

Panel: Karoline Beltinger – Prof. John Brewer – Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh – Dr. Evan Hepler-Smith – Dr. Jilleen Nadolny – Iris Schaefer – Dr. Henk Tromp – Dr. Anna Tummers

Plenary Panel session: Education and Training ‘Academic Education and Training’

Panel: Dr. Jaap Boon – Dr. Gunnar Heydenreich – Prof. Frank James – Prof. dr. Christoph Krekel – Dr. Jane Sharp – Prof. Robyn Sloggett – Dr. Jørgen Wadum

Plenary Panel session: Cataloguing and Publishing ‘Integrating Art History with Technical Research – blueprint Catalogue Raisonné’

Panel: Vivian Barnett – Dr. Ella Hendriks – Prof. Thierry Lenain – Katy Rogers – Dr. Eddy Schavemaker – Dr. Dietrich Seybold – Dr. Chris Stolwijk – Marije Vellekoop

Plenary Panel session: Art and Law

‘Recommended Standards/Technical Requirements for Expert Opinion Reports (Authenticity of Paintings)’

Panel: Dr. Friederike Gräfin von Brühl – Dr. Anna Dempster – Milko den Leeuw – Filippo Petteni – Prof. dr. Nico Schrijver – Lawrence Shindell

congress programme subject to changes without notice

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