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Just published Number 8 June 2013

29 June 2013

Table of contents:

The Vienna School beyond Vienna. Art history in Central Europe

Matthew Rampley, ‘Introduction’  8-MR/1

Milena Bartlová, ‘Continuity and discontinuity in the Czech legacy of the Vienna School of Art History’   8-MB/1

Marta Filipova, ‘Between East and West: The Vienna School and the idea of Czechoslovak art’  8-MF/1

Nenad Makuljević, ‘The political reception of the Vienna School: Josef Strzygowski and Serbian art history’  8-NM/1

Stefan Muthesius, ‘The Cracow school of modern art history: the creation of a method and an institution 1850-1880’  8-SM/1

Paul Stirton, ‘The Vienna School in Hungary: Antal, Wilde and Fülep’  8-PS/1

Matthew Rampley, ‘The Strzygowski School of Cluj. An episode in interwar Romanian cultural politics’  8-MR/2

Magdalena Kunińska, ‘Marian Sokołowski: patriotism and the genesis of scientific art history in Poland’  8-MK/1


Wojciech Bałus, ‘Ksawery Piwocki and the Vienna and Lvov Schools of Art History’  8-WB/1

Jindrich Vybiral, ‘What is ‘Czech’ in Art in Bohemia? Alfred Woltmann and defensive mechanisms of Czech artistic historiography’  8-JV/1


Matthew Rampley (trans & ed.), ‘Emil Filla, ‘‘Domenico Theotocopuli El Greco. Notes from an exhibition of El Greco in Munich’’’  8-EF/1

Marta Filipová (trans & ed.), ‘Vincenc Kramář, “Obituary of Franz Wickhoff”’  8-FW/1

Matthew Rampley (trans.) ‘Ernő Marosi, ‘“The origins of art history in Hungary’’’  8-EM/1


Matthew Rampley, ‘Rethinking the geography of art history’, Jerzy Malinowski (ed.), History of Art History in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Toruń, Society of Modern Art and Tako Publishing, 2012. 2 vols. 299 + 285 pp.  8-MR/3

Griselda Pollock, ‘Countering memory loss through misrepresentation: what does she think feminist art history is?’, Julie M. Johnson, The Memory Factory: The Forgotten Women Artists of Vienna 1900, West Lafayette, IN.: Purdue University Press, 2012, 438 pp., 136 b. & w. illus. £27.00 pbk, ISBN978-1-55753-613-3.  8-GP/1

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