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Change of title for Monographic series

21 February 2013

In view of the fact that we are prepared to publish collections of essays as well as monographs, the Ashgate Monographs in Art Historiography series will be re-branded as Studies in Art Historiography:

 Studies in

Art Historiography

 Series Editor:  Richard Woodfield,

University of Birmingham, UK

The aim of this series is to support and promote the study of the history and practice of art historical writing focusing on its institutional and conceptual foundations, from the past to the present day in all areas and all periods. Besides addressing the major innovators of the past it also encourages re-thinking ways in which the subject may be written in the future. It ignores the disciplinary boundaries imposed by the Anglophone expression ‘art history’ and allows and encourages the full range of enquiry that encompasses the visual arts in its broadest sense. As an emergent field of study it welcomes well-considered collections of exploratory papers as well as monographs from both young and established scholars. It is aimed at building an expanded audience for what has hitherto been an over-specialized topic of investigation. It complements the work of the Journal of Art Historiography.

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