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Just published Number 7 December 2012

10 December 2012


Number 7 Dec 2012


Milena Bartlová, ‘Czech art history and Marxism’ 7-MB/1

Jim Berryman, ‘Exhibiting Western Desert Aboriginal painting in Australia’s public galleries: an institutional analysis, 1981-2002’   7-JB/1

Rachel Dedman, ‘The importance of being Ernst: a reassessment of E. H. Gombrich’s relationship with psychoanalysis’’   7-RD/1

Eric Garberson, ‘Art History in the University II: Ernst Guhl’       7-EG/1         Tables   7-EG/2

Francis Halsall, ‘Making and matching: aesthetic judgement and the production of art historical knowledge’      7-FH/1

Amy K. Hamlin, ‘”A heuristic event”: reconsidering the problem of the Johnsian conversation’  7-AH/1

Peter R. Kalb, ‘Picturing Pollock: Photography’s Challenge to the Historiography of Abstract Expressionism’ 7-PK/1

Jenni Lauwrens, ‘Welcome to the revolution: The sensory turn and art history’  7-JL/1

John Mack, ‘Making and seeing: Matisse and the Kuba decorative “system”’      7-JM/1

Jeanne Nuechterlein, ‘Location and the experience of early Netherlandish art’   7-JN/1         Images 7-JN/2

Rebecca Rice, ‘Transforming the “unimaginative and literal” into an art for the nation: writing and exhibiting New Zealand’s art history in the twentieth century’          7-RR/1

Francesco Russo, ‘Medieval Art studies in the Republic of Letters: Mabillon and Montfaucon’s Italian connections between travel and learned collaborations’    7-FR/1

Jenny H. Shaffer, ‘Restoring Charlemagne’s chapel: historical consciousness, material culture, and transforming images of Aachen in the 1840s’        7-JS/1

Barbara Stoltz, ‘Disegno versus Disegno stampato: printmaking theory in Vasari’s Vite (1550-1568) in the context of the theory of disegno and the Libro de’ Disegni’  7-BS/1

Marja Väätäinen, ‘From Ringbom to Ringbom: The art of art history of Lars-Ivar Ringbom and Sixten Ringbom: A mythmaker and a myth-breaker in Åbo, Finland’       7-MV/1

Ian Verstegen, ‘The “Second” Vienna School as Social Science’    7-IV/1


Karl Johns (trans & ed.), ‘Alexander Conze, “On the Origin of the Visual Arts”, Lecture held on July 30, 1896 [in the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences]’. Originally published as Über den Ursprung der bildenden Kunst, Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Gesammtsitzung vom 11. Februar 1897, Berlin: Reichsdruckerei 1897, pp. 98-109.      7-KJ/1

Karl Johns (trans & ed.), ‘Alexander Conze, “Greek Relief Sculpture”’. Originally published as ‘Über das Relief bei den Griechen’, Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Gesammtsitzung vom 25. Mai, 1882, no. 26, pp. 1-15 (pp. 563-577). 7-KJ/2


Rachel Dedman (ed.), ‘”Art and psychoanalysis – 15 June 1988. Speakers: Professor Joseph Sandler and Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich”, part of the series “Dialogues on Contemporary Issues” hosted by the British Psycho-Analytical Society in the summer term of 1988’ 7-RD/2

Cecelia F. Klein (ed.), ‘”Theory, Method & the Future of Pre-Columbian Art History”, 100th Annual Conference of the College Art Association – Los Angeles, California – February 24, 2010” Contributors: Cecelia F. Klein, Introductions; Esther Pasztory, ‘Pre-Columbian Art and World Art History’; Mary Miller, ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Pre-Columbian Art in the American Museum . . . and in the Academy’; Elizabeth Hill Boone, ‘What Do You Say When There Are No Words?’; Tom Cummins, ‘Looking Back at the Future of Pre-Columbian Art History’; Carolyn Dean, ‘The Elusive Future of Pre-Columbian Art History’; Claudia Brittenham, ‘Interdisciplinary, International, Indispensable’.  7-CK/1

Partha Mitter, ‘Ernst Gombrich and Western representations of the sacred art of India’  7-PM/1

Stefan Muthesius, ‘The beginnings of the “Cracow School of Art History”’ from Jerzy Malinowski (ed.), History of Art History in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (2012)   7-SM/1

Alina Payne, Wölfflin, ‘Architecture and the Problem of Stilwandlung’     7-AP/1

Griselda Pollock, ‘Unexpected Turns: The Aesthetic, the Pathetic and the Adversarial in the Long Durée of Art’s Histories’      7-GP/1

Nasser Rabbat, ‘Islamic Architecture as a Field of Historical Enquiry’, AD Architectural Design, 74(6), 2004 7-NR/1 Reproduced by courtesy of the publishers John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Terry Smith, ‘Meyer Schapiro on style in art and science: Notes from a Theory and Methods of Art History graduate seminar lecture course, Columbia University, New York, 1973’  7-TS/1


Antonia Boström, ‘When sculpture became more than “something you bump into when you back up to look at a painting”’. Christopher R. Marshall (ed.), Sculpture and the Museum, Ashgate 2011. 7-AB/1

Ute Engel, ‘Riegl on the Baroque’. Alois Riegl, The Origins of Baroque Art in Rome. Edited and Translated by Andrew Hopkins and Arnold Witte. Essays by Alina Payne, Arnold Witte, and Andrew Hopkins, Getty Research Institute 2010    7-UE/1

Douglas Fordham, ‘Just what is it that makes English artwriting so different, so appealing?’ Mark A. Cheetham, Artwriting, Nation, and Cosmopolitanism in Britain: The ‘Englishness’ of English Art Theory since the Eighteenth Century, Ashgate, 2012   7-DF/1

Eric C. Garberson, ‘Carl Justi: Modern Errors’. Johannes Rößler, Carl Justi. Moderne Irrtümer, Briefe und Aphorismen, Matthes & Seitz, 2012     7-EG/3

Mimi Hellman, ‘Interrogating interiors’. Denise Amy Baxter and Meredith Martin (eds), Architectural space in eighteenth-century Europe: Constructing identities and interiors, Ashgate, 2010      7-MH/1

Ana Hernández, ‘”A special place at a special time”: Françoise Henry’s diaries on Inishkea North (Ireland)’. Janet T. Marquardt(ed.), Françoise Henry in Co. Mayo. The Inishkea Journals, Four Courts Press, 2012      7-AH/1

Carol C. Mattusch, ‘Archaeological, art-historical, and artistic approaches to classical antiquity’. Viccy Coltman (ed.), Making Sense of Greek Art, University of Exeter Press, 2012     7-CM/1

Catherine Oakes, ‘Virtual Pilgrimages in the Convent’. Kathryn M. Rudy, Virtual Pilgrimages in the Convent. Imagining Jerusalem in the Late Middle Ages (Disciplina Monastica. Studies on Medieval Monastic Life 8), Brepols, 2011    7-CO/1

Spyros Papapetros, ‘Ornament and object—ornament as object’. Alina Payne, From Ornament to Object: Genealogies of Architectural Modernity, Yale University Press, 2012   7-SP/1

Matthew Rampley, ‘Aby Warburg, Images and Exhibitions’. Aby Warburg, Bilderreihen und Ausstellungen edited by Uwe Fleckner and Isabelle Woldt, Akademie Verlag, 2012  7-MR/1

Robert T. Soppelsa, ‘Constructing African Art Histories for the Lagoons of Côte d’Ivoire’. Monica Blackmun Visona, Constructing African Art Histories for the Lagoons of Côte d’Ivoire, Ashgate, 2010  7-RS/1

Arnold Witte, ‘Formalism in the first half of the twentieth century: ‘pure science’ or a case of effective rhetoric?’. Mitchell B. Frank and Daniel Adler (eds),German Art History and Scientific Thought – Beyond Formalism, Ashgate, 2012    7-AW/1

Books received

Jerzy Malinowski (ed.), History of Art History in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, 2 vols, Toruń: Society of Modern Art and Tako Publishing House, 2012   7-JzM/1

It is possible to purchase this book from the Polish Institute of World Art Studies in Warsaw (00-040 Warszawa, ul. Warecka 4/6 – 10). One copy in two volume costs 25 EURO. Account No.: 24 1940 1076 3101  7420 0000 0000   [CREDIT AGRICOLE ]     SWIFT CODE:    LUBWPLPR


The Art Press in the Twentieth Century: History, criticism and the art market in magazines and journals – A one-day conference organised by Sotheby’s Institute of Art and The Burlington Magazine 1st February 2013 at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 30 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3EE    Programme

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